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Hello Africa

"The mobile is the future, it's the way forward"

Images of Africa with focus on people’s lifestyles, popular culture, habits, activities and opinions in the context of the emergence of mobile technology use. Filmed mainly in Zanzibar and Tanzania, this powerful documentary portrays teachers, athletes, vendors, watchmen, musicians and people from all walks of life – all with that in common that they are connected and have unique stories to tell.


“Very impressive stuff. Excellent documentary.”
Erik Hersman

“Great editing, combined with priceless on-the-ground footage and perspective, gives a wonderful flavour of some of the entrepreneurial activity spurred on by the arrival of mobile technology.” – Ken Banks

“Really inspiring. Also absolutely essential material for anyone trying to communicate the reality of mobile phone culture in Africa today. ”
Sian Townsend, Google

“I really like how it leaves you feeling positive too. So many documentary films don’t.”
– Jody Knueppel

“Excellent, excellent documentary. I felt like I was there. This really got me thinking and reflecting – loved the tone, pace and honesty of the production..” – Dave Duarte

All photos and music CC-BY-NC-SA. Produced by Martin Konzett.

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