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Documentary Anthology

Björn Olsson

A video triptych charged with exclusive images and sounds of a Swedish rock legend

2 Documentaries, 5 Music Videos, a live NYC concert and rare demo tracks from the "Ennio Morricone" of Sweden.

Press reviews:

“A must-see.” – PSL

“Olsson’s music is enchanting and suggestive (…) feverish, hypnotic concert in a glowing hot Manhattan night.” – Groove Magazine

“… reminds me of Herzog and Ira Cohen’s underground movies. Tremendous krautrock-noise, live from Manhattan” – Sonic Magazine

“The visuals resembles Jonathan Caouettes self-biographical movie Tarnation.”

All photo and film material © Marcel Tuores, all music © Björn Olsson. Press release text here. Sleeve design by Mikael Mattsson

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